The Future of Work is Here: Fullgap Beta Goes Live

Monday, April 8, 2024

We are excited to announce that this potentially revolutionary product we have been working on for over 6 months, for which we had unconsciously prepared for close to a decade — finally launches in beta.

Powered by insights from close to a decade of managing people to deliver work for clients across the world, we believe it will shape the future of how people get work done and delivered. Fullgap simplifies how freelancers (or anyone getting work done actually) manage their multiple projects, deliver value for their clients, and grow their businesses.

It is not a super app, but more of a simplifier — bringing together the most essential parts of these tools together. They were created to solve this problem but having to manage a ton of them gradually became the new problem. We experienced this problem firsthand, and watched freelancers struggle even more.

Among other things, anybody on Fullgap gets to:

  • Start projects and onboard clients with clear milestones.
  • Automate contracts and invoices (reminders will go out on their behalf).
  • Get paid and have a grasp of their numbers (incoming, received, pending, etc).
  • Keep all chats about revisions in one place (connected to WhatsApp, email, and more).
  • Get a daily overview of deadlines, next tasks, and overall progress.

The Fullgap Story

The four of us (co-founders) met on campus over 10 years ago. Ahead of the 2015 national elections in Nigeria, 3 of us worked together to build a digital product to help educate electorates about candidates. It failed but it was an exciting first attempt to build a digital product.

When Bolaji and I founded FourthCanvas, Segun was one of our very first hires, before he went to lead product design at a technology development firm, while Ayo worked as a senior software engineer with an international tech startup. (And oh, I should add that the four of us dropped out of uni at different times and for different reasons.

But we all agreed we had better things to do with our minds than what the school offered).We saw firsthand what was possible when structure met creativity. Bolaji Fawole’s structural partnership turned my graphic design ‘side-hustle’ into a renowned design outfit (FourthCanvas), while Segun Oroyo and Ayomide Aregbede built enviable careers thanks to efficient structures they built over time to amplify their design and engineering talents, respectively.

The idea for Fullgap first came to Bolaji’s mind after several years of organizing how we delivered projects for our clients at FourthCanvas. He had a moment of imagination and realized how much smoother things could run and how many resources could be saved if we automated these processes. As we all thought about it, it became clear who needed it most and where we had to begin — with independent freelancers, many of whom we had hired, trained, or managed through the agency for nearly a decade.

Fullgap is now in your hands

Fullgap is inspired by the life we have lived, that we live, and how closely we worked with hundreds of freelancers who created and earned 10x more value when the systems were right, making us wonder how many more millions out there could do more — for themselves, and the clients they serve — with a suite of tools that empowers them to.

When they are able to do better work, they can deliver more value to clients, earn more trust, and grow the value of the future of work, which is individuals working from home, for multiple clients across the world.We believe this will go on to increase the global economic value generated by the freelancer/gig economy and we can’t wait to see the vision come to life.

Anyone getting work done can check it out via www.fullgap.co and create an account to get started.

Welcome to the future of work!

Victor Fa

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