Faster invoices,

smarter businesses.

Project management, invoicing, agreements, payments, and more tools to power how you deliver value for your clients.


Send invoices,
get paid on time

Set up your preferred payment plan with our smart invoicing system that nudges your clients to never miss a payment day.


Legalize your
deals in minute

With our editable contract templates, you can get your deals signed 10 times faster so nothing goes out of control.


Many clients, better managed

Access relevant information about your clients including your entire work history with each. With notes, this can also be handy to nurture your relationship with them.


Ship on time...
like a badass

Manage your timelines and deliverables with regular updates and reminders that ensure you never fall short of your clients’ expectations.


Sales & Onboarding

Convert and onboard more clients easier than ever while creating recurring projects from existing ones.

Omnichannel Messaging

Our simplified messaging brings all your chats together, from IG, WhatsApp, Facebook, website and email, so you can easily view and reply on the go.



Questions about what is possible with the product.

Can I get clients through Fullgap just like Upwork and Fiverr?

No, Fullgap is not a marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr. Instead, Fullgap is a business management tool designed to help you efficiently manage multiple client projects. While you won't find clients directly through Fullgap, using our platform can significantly enhance your reputation as a professional. This improved reputation can lead to more client referrals and attract more business as word spreads about the exceptional service you deliver with the help of Fullgap.

Why should I use Fullgap as a service provider?

Fullgap empowers you to enhance the business side of your work as an individual service provider, whether you're operating digitally or traditionally. By using Fullgap, you can:
Streamline client onboarding: Ensure clarity and professionalism with well-documented project scopes, invoices, and agreements.

Increase efficiency: Manage projects effectively with clear task assignments, timeline breakdowns, and reminders.

Boost your reputation: Delivering work efficiently and professionally helps you earn the reputation of a competent and reliable service provider, attracting more clients and allowing you to command higher project values.

Can I use Fullgap even if I don't have clients?

Absolutely! While Fullgap is designed to enhance project management with clients, we also support non-client projects. This feature allows you to organize and manage your personal projects, ensuring you can benefit from the platform's efficiency and tools, even when no clients are involved.

Does my client need to be on the Fullgap platform for the experience to be whole/complete?

No, they do not have to. Fullgap will generate a link that you can share with them, and they will be able to view all relevant documents and details at any time. In our upcoming updates, clients will receive automated updates and reminders at every major point of the project's execution.

Why should I care about Fullgap as a business owner (client)?

When you require the professionals you hire to manage your projects with Fullgap, you significantly mitigate the risk of inefficient service delivery. By breaking down tasks and structuring processes with Fullgap, the likelihood of success increases, providing you with greater confidence in their ability to deliver quality results.


On security and data protection.

How is data protected considering people will share a lot of personal information about their client project, earnings, and co?

We are taking adequate steps to comply with the best security practices. Our goal is to integrate bank-level security and be 100% compliant with NDPR and GDPR regulations.


Clarity on charges that apply when you use Fullgap.

Is Fullgap free or paid?

Fullgap currently offers two subscription tiers. First is the free plan that comes with limited but valuable access, while the other is a paid plan that allows you to fully maximize the product.

How much do the transaction processing fees cost?

On payments received through our invoicing/payment system, we charge a 1% fee. On withdrawals/transfers out of your Fullgap wallet, we charge NGN10 when it's below NGN5000, NGN25 when it’s between NGN5000 and NGN50,000 and NGN50 for transfers above NGN50,000.


Relating to our brand and communications.

What does the name Fullgap mean and how did it come to be?

"Fullgap" is an oxymoron that was intentionally created to be memorable. After all, if something is "full" or "filled," it can no longer be called a "gap." The name was originally brainstormed in 2015 as a potential name for the agency that would eventually become FourthCanvas. When two of our co-founders, who are also co-founders at FourthCanvas, were searching for a name for this new solution, they remembered "Fullgap" as a perfect fit for a new goal: filling the structural gap that holds back a lot of value in the business economy.

Does ‘power to the creative ones’ mean Fullgap is only for ‘creatives’ like designers, content developers, and photographers?

No, it does not. While it may sound that way and inspire our immediate community of people who identify as creatives, we believe anyone who solves their client's problems is helping to create the future and qualifies as "the creative ones." This includes people you may not imagine as "creatives," such as photographers, fashion designers, lawyers, software engineers, event planners, and more. Our solution is designed to empower any individual service provider who is able to serve more than one client at a time.

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