Introducing Fullgap Pro — Our first-ever premium paid plan

Monday, April 8, 2024

We are beyond excited to unveil Fullgap Pro, an output of a remarkable journey that began over a decade ago.

It began as a Full experiment…

The four co-founders — Victor, Bolaji, Ayomide, and Segun — at Fullgap embarked on distinct yet interconnected paths, with backgrounds in graphic design, business management, software engineering, and product design respectively. These journeys eventually led us to face real challenges in business structuring, gaining invaluable experience, and returning full circle to automate these processes for others facing similar obstacles they experienced for several years.

Our individual experience of organising and scaling work in different capacities has enabled us to acquire essential business skills that helped us turn our creative and digital talents into scaling the business side of work.

Two years ago, we started a powerful experiment that resulted in the launch of Fullgap on April 21st. Since then, we have welcomed over 5,000 users who have collectively created nearly 1,000 projects, transacting over $200,000 in project volume.

…now, we’re launching a Full experience! ✊

Today, we are excited to introduce Fullgap Pro, our first-ever premium paid plan, offering users unlimited access to an enhanced version of the product. While Fullgap Pro builds on the success of our past experiment, we are committing to even more experiments to keep tailoring the product to the needs of our users.

It has been fulfilling to hear how much Fullgap has helped our users simplify their work, deliver work faster, and earn more trust from their clients. They have always how much they value the product and how gladly they would pay for it.

Their support and endorsement have encouraged us to move forward and begin generating revenue, which will help us to further invest in shaping the future of getting work done and delivered.

This marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for us! We are happy to have built for freelancers from around the world, who can now onboard clients faster than ever, automate invoicing to suit client arrangements, get paid in their preferred currency, generate legal contracts within minutes, plan tasks with automated reminders, and ensure prompt payment notifications — all without any extra effort.

Our vision is clear: We want to enable ambitious freelancers to unlock more value for themselves, their clients, and by extension, the global economy. We envision a world where everyone can manage their enterprises efficiently with a tool that acts as a seamless partner, allowing individuals to run their ventures like professionals without sacrificing their creative work.

We are happy to see this shaping up, and we are more excited than ever for the future. With about 1 Million Naira sold in our subscription presale so far from our earliest adopters, we have more reason to believe in this illusion and the viability of our business.

We say thank you. 🙏

We are grateful for the unwavering support we’ve received from our valued users. It is through this support that we have achieved our current milestone without a single paid ad.

We are equally thankful for every user who invests their time in sending us emails, sharing their feedback, and actively participating in shaping the future of our product.

And finally, we appreciate our dedicated team members who continue to drive our mission forward.

We are extending a warm invitation to more individuals to explore the Fullgap platform.

Fullgap is the all-in-one project management tool that helps you manage your creative enterprise and set you up for success. You can create customised invoices, get paid in global currencies, generate legal contracts, manage tasks and projects, send out automated payment notifications — and so much more!

Here’s the interesting part. You’re invited!

Join us for Fullgap LIVE, an exciting virtual event today by 6pm, where we will provide an in-depth walkthrough of the new Fullgap Pro platform. We’ll delve deep into the advanced features and walk you through the enhancements that Fullgap Pro brings to the table.

This will offer you a comprehensive understanding of how it can revolutionize your work. Get ready to explore together with us!

To ensure you don’t miss out, tap here to add this event to your calendar right away.

We keep building. Our journey of innovation remains ongoing, and we are committed to further development.

Power to the creative minds! ✊🏾

To learn more about Fullgap, please visit www.fullgap.co.

For inquiries related to investments or partnerships, feel free to reach out to us at hello@fullgap.com.

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